Total Security Solutions (Information Leakage) Services

Total Security Solutions for both physical and information security


KDDI Singapore provides a total security solution that includes a firewall, intruder attack prevention, a quarantine system, web/mail solutions, PC end-point solutions and information protection measures.



Firewall Solution

Protecting the internal network from illegal traffic, and both internal and external threats.

Intruder Attack Prevention Solution

Intruder attack detection provides protection to customer websites.

Quarantine System Solution

Confirms PC that connect to the network is legitimate and comply to the security policy.

Web/Mail Solution

Prevents threats from weak e-mail security and the Internet.

PC End-point Solution

Provides total security management through OS security patches, virus definition file updates and information protection solutions.

Information Protection Solutions

Based on ISMS management policy standards, Hibun provides information leakage solutions that prevent confidential information being transferred out of the system.

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